Saturday, 23 January 2010

Jalan- jalan Cameron

Maybe 30012010 plan vacation to cameron highlands. This vacation pegi ngan hubby's family termasuklah adik2 nye yg dah kawin tu. Actually my hubby got 4 vouchers equatorial hotel in cameron highlands. So we plan to bring his family kebetulan they all nak dtg dat weekend.
FYI this is the 3rd time i went to cameron with his family......So do check out next entry ...;-)

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Watched AVATAR wif HUbby n My Sons

hehe for the first time , me n hubby bringof both my son to watch movie AVATAR.we went to Alamanda, Putrajaya. At first plan nak berdua je but my hubby nak bawak 2 hero tu skali. So after we fetched haziq, straight we heading to alamanda. Quite full gak. sib baik we managed to get sit at the side so no worries kalu hazim merengek ke...(dlm hati berdoa je jgn la hazim mengaruk). but i've already decided that if let say hazim merengek than my hubby la had to take care of him...hehhehe.
BUT it gives us a shocked, hazim with patient n cool je tgk AVATAR. tak de ek or uk sikit pun. Tak mcm his brother, sikit nak tutup muka....ish..haziq... haziq.Cuma bila ada action wif the sound yg kuat2 tu hazim a bit terkejut, tp still tgk dgn kusyuk nye....pandai anak UMI. one thing bout hazim, he really loves watching movie especially cartoon or any animation story.tu yg kat rmh asyik nak tgk dvd je. We really enjoyed the nite. :-)

Monday, 4 January 2010

1431 - Salam Maal Hijrah and 2010....Epi Nu Year...

Well dis year nothing much different compare to last year....guess so ;-) But berdoa for the best for my family semoga sentiasa di bwh lindungan MU YA ALLAH Dis year maybe my hubby attach at Dubai for 'bout 6 months +++..huh..what about us...maybe me need to take unpaid leave or can't decide yet. This year i've got new phone, a gift from my dearest hubby...NEW IPHONE 3GS...white color lagi (luv u darling....tambah lagi my white collection after my sony digital cam n small laptop, psp, swatch :-) ) i will always make myself as a soleha wife, gud mother ever and will alwayz be ur supporter in ur carrier n what ever u do darling..muahhhhh

This year also my handsome sons dah makin bijak...abg dah sekolah (5 yrs old) n adik already 2 years old...huh cepat betul masa berlalu..rasanye mcm baru je lepas pantang..hehhehe..umi syg sgt kat both of u...umi akan usaha buat terbaik n mendidik anak umi menjadi insan yg bertakwa n berjaya di dunia & akhirat...aminnn Plan for this year vacation after Singapore we plan nak g Perhentian ..hehehe honeymoon (nie berdua je tau).....and plan to bring my mum n family to Langkawi...kene plan betul2 insyaAllah.

For my carrier of coz me want da best dan diberkati oleh NYA.....insyaALLAH.