Sunday, 28 November 2010


 Hols around Colorado Spring, USA...

At Breckenridge -Ski Mountain

@ BroadMoor Hotel_famous, the oldest n most expensive hotel in USA

@ Dinasaur Center 

@ Garden Of tHe gOds

@ HaLeN hUnT fAaLs

@ rOyAL gOrGe BrIdGe

and  Finally Shopping @ various Outlet in Colorado..had cover 3 outlets; Castle Rock outlet, Silverthorne Outlet and Loveland Outlet...:-) that offer name brands, selection, quality and price with up to 70% off everyday!

........colorado with luv......;-)

Thursday, 25 November 2010

PiCuTurEs TeLl tHe wHoLe sToRy aNd an eXpEriEnce oF oUr jOuRnYy..s...

A view from Antlers Hilton Hotel ( that will be my temporary home for me n hubby for 20 days)..

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

jOuRnEy tO rEmEmBeR...

WELCOME..... after transit at Hong Kong and Texas, finally safely arrived at Colarado Spring, Colarado USA. huh its cold out there. really cold beb, even it is not my first experience after Japan, but here really makes u shevering asap keluar from ur mouth..some more kene amik cab kat luar..giler tul..sejuk sampai ke tulang check it out...momento cam be experienced through these unvaluable pics..enjoy...

Connecting Flight. Americcan Airline

Tiring Face..transit @ San fransisco

Hubby during transit @ texas


View from outside the airport...very cold...waiting for the cab to Antlers Hilton Hotel..7.30pm