Monday, 22 February 2010

HoMe SwEeT HoMe

Actually lama dah nak upload my new house. We moved to the new house the year 2008. So today I've got a chance to upload my new house wif some concept of the house is natural but cozy. I love interior deco...unfortunately no pics will upload later...till then sayanora

Monday, 15 February 2010

Vacation day.......dis time wif hubby side

Continued from previous post, this time we had a vacation wif hubby's family....a trip to Cameron lets enjoy the pics..:-)Somewhere in June we plan to go Langkawi for next holiday destination.For this time i'll bring my family pulak. Hopefully jadilah. takut me or hubby g outstation je especially my hubby kot2 kene g Dubai and we need to follow him...InsyaAllah....

EpI BiRtHdAy BoYs......Umi n Ayah luv both of u sooooo muchhhhhh

1st we had celebration at my Kampung Kuala Pilah.i ordered cake from is cup cake...very nice coz i printed my sons face and a few pics of dinosaurs. sedap the cake but azlin need to improved more on decorations..:-)....hehehe this give me an idea nak buat project wif izad my bro. i'll tell more bout it next entry....

2nd celebration @ my mum house...tak plan pun we just go and bought a cake from secrete recipe and bring to my mum house.tak sangka lak my mum also had a plan to do BBQ..WOW bestnye so me n hubby went to buy junk food and others to add on. So their cousins pun dtg also. we invite mak teh n family too... Really enjoy this time....thanx mum for making the party happening. Ur Homemade BBQ walllahhhh....muchachasss....a credit also goes to Izad on his homemade muffin...manyak sedap oooo...(2 thumbs up) ****so lets enjoy the pics*******